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Career in Saga

Saga has held the first position among domestic system integrators since 2005 (when taking official revenue data into account), and still is the leading company in the areas of ICT systems and infrastructure design and implementation.

Our Employees

Our greatest value and the key to the success of our business are our employees. That is why we insist on their constant development. Continual investments into their knowledge and skills makes Saga extremely powerful and shows our competitive advantage. Our aspirations are high, and the path for reaching them is based on team work.

Your Benefit

We are looking for passionate people with knowledge, who enjoy their work, and who are focused on their clients. If you recognize yourself in this description, we invite you to join our team of 300 experts that are working towards fulfilling all their client's needs. We expect a lot from you, that is why we offer the best working environment in industry, constant education, team work, understanding, and support.

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