Saga MK DOOEL Skoplje, Macedonia

Orce Nikolov 75
1000 Skoplje

tel/fax: +389 (0) 2 32 22 554

Organization Type: Privately owned LTD,

Major shareholder is New Frontier Holding GmbH (NFH)


Saga corporate website Terms of Use

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The Company's website does not collect your personal data like name, address, telephone number or e-mail address. The Company, however, does gather some information which are not your personal data but are related to the internet service provider which you use to connect to the internet: your IP address, type of web browser or operating system you use (for instance, Mac OS X or Windows). These information are used for statistical purposes by our marketing department for determining the advertising campaign with the best effects. In certain situations you can willingly provide some information about yourself by filling in a questionnaire. In that case, the Company gathers this information so that it can satisfy your demands and needs, relevant to the specific issue. Included with every form the Company offers you to fill in, there will be a clearly stated purpose of the data gathering and the way you can delete your data from our database.

These TOU replace all previous terms of use, written or oral, for the Company's website. Any deviation from TOU is legal only if the Company gives it in writing.