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iBanking - Ready for intelligent banking

It is time for banking online solution that meets the requirements of your business and marketing

iBanking - Ready for intelligent banking.

iBanking solution is personalized portal that offers customized and enhanced user experience.

Information display is adaptable to what a user wants to see, which user group they are in and from which platform they have accessed.

Users who have tried iBanking do not want to return to the traditional electronic banking.

iBanking is a  simple, cost-effective and efficient electronic banking solution for retail and corporate, which considers user’s need to communicate with the bank through all available channels (Internet, Contact Center, IVR, SMS, Tablet, Smartphone ...). iBanking is a new, interactive BankingOnline portal of great flexibility and high level of security, based on Microsoft technology (.NET 4.0 and SQL Server 2008 R2). In addition to improved financial modules and integration with heterogeneous systems, iBanking enables data collection and analysis for the purpose of quality reporting and its use in marketing campaigns.

Leaders in innovation

iBanking solution has been on the market since 2000 and was developed in accordance with the requirements of numerous clients. By following modern trends in banking, we have often been the first to implement innovative functionalities on the market (SMS notification, one-time-password solution, securities trading, log-in with Smart card, personal finance, interactive graphic display of data...). In addition to easier access to information, great attention was paid to the possibility of its updating, as well as to designing intuitive user interface built on the users’ experiences. That is how iBanking portal of the new generation was created. iBanking enables continuous execution and monitoring of usual financial operations and necessary reporting on the Web 2.0 platform. Through a system of widgets, management of different groups of data in the field of banking services and products is provided.