Infrastructure Solutions

Saga is in a position  to offer everything that a company, institution or financial institution needs in the field of ICT infrastructure solutions. Our solutions include products of the world leading technology vendors (such as Microsoft, HP, VMware, Symantec...), and their design, implementation and technical support is performed by our team of qualified and certified professionals.Our solutions for clients include the following categories:

ISP solutions

Saga is offering ISP organizations proven solutions for hosting services and basic infrastructure functions of an IP network (DNS, DHCP, Directory Services). More...

Systems Management

  • Solutions for monitoring of servers, applications and services, as well as virtualized/Cloud environments
  • Update solutions (patch management), and automated deployment of operating systems and applications
  • Automatization solutions and support to IT processes (IT Service Management
  • Incident Management
  • Asset Management
  • Problem Management, IT Operations...

Client Management

  • Client deployment
  • Software metering
  • Update solutions (Patch management) and authorised deployment of working stations
  • Monitoring solutions and control of configurations.

Communication, Collaboration and Productivity solutions

  • Solutions for e-mail communication and collaborations
  • Office and  productivity applications

Server & Integrated security

  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Network Access Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention

End Point (client) Security

  • End Point Security software (Antimalware, Firewall...)
  • Secure endpoint access
  • Secure identity hardware (Smart Cards, Tokens)
  • Inspection ( control?)of peripheral devices on working stations
  • Secure portable storage
  • Secure operation  from a remote location.

Directory & Identity Services, operating systems, printing solutions

  • Active Directory
  • Windows Server
  • Linux/Unix Servers
  • Printer outsourcing
  • Maintenance and printer consumables outsourcing