How do you want to work?

How to improve your business?

I want to travel and work!

Today’s working environment does not require an office. You can finish your business activities efficiently using mobile devices from any place, at any time. IP telephony, mail and video communication completely replace traditional workplace.

I want to be in touch with my colleagues wherever I am!

Mail, instant messaging, voice and video communication in high resolution are always available.

I want to have secure access to the corporate network even when I take a coffee break!

Virtualization and work in cloud enables you to bring your workplace to a coffee shop, along with a full provision of security policies existing in the company. Access to all files and network devices is enabled as well as with the full security during the work.

I want to have full IT support at any time and in any place!

Centralized control provides protection in case of device loss or theft. Remote deletion of business data is possible as well as locking of devices.

I want access to my business data from all mobile devices!

A portable computer, tablet or a phone – each of these devices brings complete functionality to business environment just as if you were sitting in your office. If you want, you can use the devices to which you are accustomed for you business purposes.

I want to cut the costs!

Employees who spend most of their working hours in the field do not need workspace in the office. That means that a company can lease smaller office space, have lower expenses for the job, lower power consumption…

I want to optimize the business!

Employees who do not sit in the office spend more time communicating with their clients, have a better control of business processes and a better time balance. If they are working from home, their productivity and satisfaction with the job increases, which leads to more efficient work and increase in the company’s profit.

I want to speed up communication!

Instead of organizing live meetings with colleagues and clients, video conferencing will save you time and travel costs.

I want to unify the business!

Different parts of the town, different cities, even different states and continents do not present a barrier. Locations of your office branches are no longer limiting factor in management of business processes.