Multichannel Systems for Data Access

First of all, it is Saga's broad offer. Saga is trying and managing truly to be the place at which one bank or financial organization can obtain everything in needs for doing business in the computer-communication sphere. Saga is one of the leading software producers on our market and the manufacturer of software solutions that are recognized worldwide, but it is a system integrator as well. It delivers to a bank everything it needs for its business operations, starting from the design of its network and network equipment, computers, be they Intel based or RISC platforms, telephony, and software to the training of users and 24 x 7 maintenance.

Saga's electronic banking package is used by 27% of the banks in Serbia in which it is a recognized leader. With its solution for a Clearing house in Belgrade within the Serbian Bank Association, trough which only check clearing is now performed, Saga is a partner of all the 39 banks in Serbia There is a plan for other jobs also to be performed at this Clearing house, since it possesses a large software and hardware capacity. For this

Clearing house Saga has produced a solution recognized worldwide, whose capacities have been tested and verified by Microsoft. The solutions is totally redundant and scalable and based on Microsoft's BizTalk Server with an A4Swift adapter which implements messages from the complete Swift Handbook.

Multichannel access systems intended for data presentation and execution of security transactions provides that businesspeople and citizens can perform their banking business and transactions from any place and with the help of any device, i.e. any access channel they have at their disposal - the telephone, Internet, SMS messages or fax, 24 hours per day. This is in line with the trends in the banking strategy for all the banks to reach out closer to the user, not to wait for the client to come to the bank, but the bank to come to him, to his workplace or home.

Biometrical methods for identification (handwriting of fingerprint) are latest trend. A digital signature is a system of numbers, while biometric characteristic cannot be forgotten, spoiled or lost. Identification of handwriting, for example, does not take into account only what the signatures looks like, but also the speed of the signing, exerted pressure and the angle at which it is written, as well as other details.

Project CePP (Center for E-business) is joint venture project of Post of Serbia and Saga. It is a multi-channel, multi-media contact center that will offer to all interested parties, through development and integration of service, its infrastructure and wide range of services in the field of electronic business.

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